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Dear GCB, Where is My Money?

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When banks like Ghana Commercial Bank tries to play tricks on customers, I sometimes wonder, and think to myself, ‘See them too’. They say, ‘Apɔnkɔ papa bi rehwiriw ta a, na hwɛ ofuei’, which translates as, ‘If great horses are farting, who cares about the squirrel?’

The point is, when some of the great banks of Ghana make lapses in their customer services, it is excusable, considering the effort they put in providing quality service and services, both on bank premises and even online.

However, when a bank like GCB, upon all their well-known poor service and inefficient ATMs scattered across the country, also make lapses in ways trying to steal wisely from unsuspecting customers, I find that insulting.

So, Where’s My Money?

This article is a complain from a friend. Who the friend is, isn’t important. Just give us back our money. Please!

Timeline of Events

“I complained to their customer service team online via Facebook and according to them they have sent emails to their head of consumer banking who promised them it will be resolved and 3 weeks now no evidence that it’s been resolved”

3 Weeks? Where’s the money?

“21st banking in Ghana has become a situation where a bank advertise that it’s customers should return/request a new withdrawal booklet because the old one will not be accepted by 30th September 2017 for FREE which the client doesn’t care about your branding from old logo n name.

“The client returned the old booklet which was duly received by their staff and requested a new book ONLY for the bank to charge the client for the booklet.

“After making several complaints at their regional branch (a week ago) and on-line (3 weeks ago), their regional operations manager took my account number and wanted to give the amount charged from his pocket which l rejected it and told him l rather need that transaction to be reversed back into my account.

“Today this same bank is boosting of having received an award as the “Most Safest Bank” which l careless about. If customer complaints are not solved about their transaction after several complains, how then do they claim they’re safest?”

Here are a few issues:

What bank in their right mind, compulsorily nullifies a withdrawal book they issued, forcing customers to come for a new one, simply because of flimsy artistic changes they’ve made?

Second, why advertise free replacement, only to charge the client? Is this one of those tricks the customer wouldn’t bother following up, thus the banks’ whoever is responsible will eventually “one corner” all such overflow cash and chop?

Who gave GCB the “Most Safest Bank” award? Kinda feels they initiated an award and gave it to themselves. And what is that even supposed to mean? Safest Bank? How?

Give us back our money, Oya!

Here’s the convo with a GCB representative, with a clear sign of lack of urgency on his/her part. It is clear, the 3+ weeks delay gives the bank no sense of remorse. You steal somebody’s money, give it back, and now it is ‘mansotwe’. Eeei

Why GCB, Woti Ate Anaa?


GCB, where’s the money? It is 3 weeks now. There’s no escape than to pay. We don’t want hard cash, return the money into the account soon as possible, which means, immediately.