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Dear Nivea, Don’t be Sloppy

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Dear Nivea,


“Nivea, Think About your Ad Campaigns”

See this billboard ad from Nivea:

Nivea Billboard Ad: Source

From the surface, the ad looks usual, until you read the message,

“For a Visibly Fairer Skin”

… except I do not need a fairer skin. I love my skin. I need to have my current skin look great, not fairer.

Why this Matters to Me?

This is a personal concern to me. I see many products out there touting the idea of ‘Fairer complexion, skin, whatever’ nonsense out there. I believe you are a much bigger brand and should be more realistic.

Above all, I’ve been using Nivea products since 2014, when a friend dragged me to a mall at St. Georges Mall to buy the Nivea Body Lotion with Hydra IQ. Got me to use other products from you guys too, such as the Nivea ‘Cool Kick’ for Men.

What is Wrong?

The billboard carries a wrong ad message. We don’t want ‘fairer’ skin. Stop pushing for bleached skin campaigns canned in the “Fairer Complexion” nonsense.

What to do?

Here are your options:

  1. Take down the billboard, wipe the text, and put a better message there. It could be something like:
  2. Do Option 1
  3. Do Option 2

When to do?



What will I do?

I’ll stop using all Nivea products immediately. I have a skin the size of a football pitch, thus I use a lot of Nivea products. You don’t and wouldn’t want me to NOT use your product anymore.