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I Switched from GoDaddy Hosting

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On January 12, 2016, 20:24 GMT, Oral Ofori pinged me on Hangouts, saying is down. Down like how? How does it go down? Is it not supposed to be managed if being managed by a hosting manager? Isn’t Godaddy the host?

It was serious. The worse old error you don’t want to see on your WordPress installation was happening to me.

“Error establishing a database connection”

After learning it wasn’t the problem of inability to connect to the database, but rather, GoDaddy messing up, I quickly hit the web to learn if others are experiencing a similar issue. It was good to confirm if I’m not the only one probably hallucinating because I had too much Waakye to eat.

Oh, tons!

A visit to reveals we’re not the only victims. The complaints were rushing in every now and then.

We had 3 options at this point:

  • Contact GoDaddy support and let them help us get it online.
  • Wait till the site comes up on its own terms
  • Switch to a different provider

As a DevOps, the only bullet point that made sense was the last – Switch! And in fact, it happened to be faster, predictable and within my controls.

The time I could spend pouring out my anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction with GoDaddy, I channeled that furiousness in switching to a self-hosted solution in less than 6 minutes.

Since we purchased domain from GoDaddy, a bit had to change.

  • Point domain to new IP and add related Nameservers
  • Create new database, new WordPress instance and Nginx server block for
  • Update networking info in DigitalOcean instance to reflect domain
  • Migrate database from Godaddy and import to WordPress via wp db of the WordPress CLI on the VPS
  • Moved the wp-admin, wp-content folders from GoDaddy into VPS replacing already spun up running WordPress instance.
  • Activated a few plugins and opened the website to public again.

It never occurred to me it would come to the point of dropping GoDaddy, but for now, I’m glad I did.

All systems are operational and is back online and will be online for a very long time, hopefully.

Ping us should you experience any issues with and we’ll be happy to fix things as fast as we can.