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Introducing Africa Tech Projects Roundup

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Undoubtedly, Ghana Weekly Tech Roundup by Claude Ayitey has become “Monday morning coffee” for many of us. The Ghana Weekly Tech Roundup offers updates and news in the field of tech in and around Ghana. The Africa Tech Projects Roundup, on the other hand, aims to provide similar updates, however specifically for projects started, ongoing or completed by African tech heads within and outside Africa.

Why Tech Projects?

Africa is big, with big minds and great projects starting, ongoing and launching each day. A way to keep tabs on projects can be a great way to share experience, join the ones that interest you, and learn from many of them.

So, beginning September 1, 2016, I will be sharing Tech projects in the Monthly African Tech Projects Roundup.

What will each issue entail?

I hope to include these, all centered around projects and code, unlike Ghana Weekly Tech Roundup dedicated to sharing “Tech news and updates from Ghana”. Consider the Monthly African Tech Projects Roundup the one for developers interesting in seeing code every now and then:

Why Monthly?

I reason a month is time enough to gather many projects to share with you, rather than sharing weekly with only a single or two projects.

How many projects I am able to gather within a week will determine if the monthly changes to weekly.

How to Subscribe?

If you’re a member of the Ghana Technology User Group, Ghana Developers Group or mFriday, you are already subscribed, kinda, as I will share the projects to these groups.

If you’re not subscribed to any of the above, simply visit┬áto find each month’s issue.

Why Africa?

A bigger pool of projects across Africa to entertain yourself with increases the fun, isn’t it? However, the issue will try to put the projects into sections easily recognizable regarding the type or region of Africa they’re coming from.

I have a Project/Tutorial, how do I send in?

Before you send, ask yourself:

  • Is this project open source that one can learn from?
  • Does this tutorial come along with a repo or code snippets to help readers follow?

Please, use the form below:


How to get in Touch?

Any questions with the Africa Tech Projects Roundup? Do leave them in the comments, or send an email to hello [at]

Can’t wait to see the projects you share for all!