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How to Watch the Apple Live Stream on Chrome & VLC

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So Apple can be is a *#(*$)(*¬†sometimes in everything, including preventing Chrome users to live-stream their event, the event where they’ll announce something Android’s been doing for some 2 years now, but call it “invention”. Well, here’s how to watch the Apple Live Stream on Chrome & VLC.

The How To

The steps are pretty straightforward, and in summary looks like this:

  • Open your Chrome Developer Tools (on Ubuntu, Ctrl + Shift + I )
  • Visit the Live Stream Website:¬†
  • Toggle the “Device Toolbar” with Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Switch to any of the iPhone (Apple) device options
  • Reload page
  • Long-press (this time, will be long tap with the circle-filled icon) on the screen, and select “copy video address”
  • Open VLC, and add the link as a stream.

The above steps should take less than 60 seconds to. Here’s How in a video: