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YOLO Community – The Conversation has just Began

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UPDATE: I shut down the YOLO Ghana Community, and I ceased to write about YOLO Episodes henceforth as of October 27, 2016.

YOLO Ghana Community launches today, a platform to unify the YOLO Conversation happening in Ghana and around the world.

With a central point to serve as a one-stop-shop, viewers and fans of YOLO are able to concentrate on getting the most from the many lessons, thanks to the YOLO show.

Join the community today. It is free, and professional. Visit

Why YOLO Ghana Community

I follow the YOLO show and write reviews about each episode every week. Getting in touch with other fans and sharing lessons and engaging in discussions has always been a challenge.

Groups on WhatsApp are limited to less than 300 people, whiles many of the Facebook groups I have come across make sharing and discussions a seamless process.

Plus, many of the group aforementioned platforms have become a haven for non-YOLO conversations.

What is YOLO Ghana Community?

YOLO Ghana Forum is built on one of the world’s toughest web technology, ensuring your discussions with friends and YOLO fans around the globe are seamless and professional.

YOLO Ghana Forum encompasses all the benefits of other groups on different platforms and even takes the goodness a step further by allowing you to enjoy your conversations without having them tied to your personal account or phone number.

Who and How?

Everyone fits into the YOLO Ghana Community, especially those with views in alignment in supporting Adolescent sexual Reproductive Health efforts .

Visit and join the conversations. You do not need an account to benefit from the discussions. Read, be informed and learn.

You are able to sign in with you Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts should you want to join the conversation and share your thoughts.

You Only Live Once

We only live once, so let us make it count. Visit and engage with YOLO fans around the world. Let’s be informed, let’s be educated, let’s have fun!

Visit to continue