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YOLO Season 3 Episode 1 Review

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The anticipation came to an end on Sunday as the YOLO Season 3 Episode 1 aired on TV3.  If you were expecting all your questions to be answered, then I guess you’re mistaken, as more details and updates will be coming in subsequent episodes.

However, for the YOLO Season 3 episode 1, what was the story? Did we see any new faces?

My previous post touches on some of the easter eggs the season 3 promo videos pushed out. In the first episode, we get to see how the entire storyline turns out, for the least, Drogba and Cyril.

Cyril wants to play with Fire

Speaking of Cyril, this sweet gentleman is getting himself in trouble.

Cyril emerged as the best student in the high school exams, and by popular request, was invited to join a class and share his experience.

Meet the YOLO Cast and Production Team

I do not know how good this idea is for Cyril, as he comes in contact with the girl who’ll eventually mess up his relationship with his first love, namely Emily.

Irene Ofori, the first student to raise the hand to fire away her questions when the floor was open, definitely had on her mind bigger plans than mere asking questions. Irene’s question, if you were wondering, had nothing to do with the English paper she’ll eventually sit for.

yolo season 3 episode 1 review
If a girl looks at you like this, then brace yourself!

Ofori was concerned about whether Cyril had a girlfriend back in school or not. As to how true the answer Cyril gave is, can be questionable. Did he or did he not? Of course, he ‘pursued’ Emily after his high school days, but who knows the missing pieces left in his actual schooling days which we’re not told?

Maybe, one day in this season or a future season, flashbacks to Cyril’s high school days and how he conducted himself would shed light on how Cyril’s grown to be one of the respected and smart kid we all know.
Indeed, it was for asking about reproductive health and other related issues why the popular request to invite the best student got popular. Another question flew right into Cyril relating to how ‘virgin’ he was in school. Cyril comes clean on that note.

Cyril’s answers to questions were concise and clear enough to dodge all the rough edges. His answers, I think should have left some hidden pieces for future seasons. Maybe he could have hinted on a former life or some of the sexual encounters in school.

Cyril’s answers came raw and very prepared. How I wish it was realistic, the answers Cyril gave!

yolo season 3 episode 1
Oh sir, you don’t leave a guy like Cyril behind


A lady like Irene comes running to you, as shown in the image above, you better brace yourself for impact!

Irene approaches Cyril with a request, a request one in his shoes will find difficult to turn on. The request? ‘Come home tutor me’!

How Cyril reacts to this impact and how the story unfolds is yet to be determined, except the fact that he likely messes things up with Emily and finds himself thinking of answering questions he can’t really answer.

How this new cast Irene entices Cyril into crossing lines he should also is unclear. However one thing that remains clear, according to scenes from the promo, is how Cyril gets himself in trouble.

‘Father of the Year’

Drogba, on the other hand, pledges to quit from his old ways, considering he’s a father. How responsible Drogba will be as a parents stands to be known. However, it is easy to conclude he’s not in the mode to raise a child and even if will, wouldn’t do so in the right way.

Drogba pranked by his friends. The sound of a crying baby is the last thing Drogba wants to hear
Drogba pranked by his friends. The sound of a crying baby is the last thing Drogba wants to hear

The fact that he wasn’t buying into the suggestions from his dear friends to follow up and find out if whatever baby of his is real or not explains a lot of how Drogba’s attitude is outlined to be this season, unless an external force is applied.

This external force, I have no idea where it might come from, but it better be quick, because Drogba begins this season with his ‘chepetee’ attitude of ‘hunting’ and ‘clearing’ girls.

When confronted, Drogba indicates his friends are bothering him and he’s simply trying to “relax his thorax”

As usual, King George makes fun of Drogba as the ‘Father of the Year’. In fact, King George who’s been on the frontline with Drogba on the issue of abstinence and protection knows too well about his friend and wanted to offer the best of advice.

If only Drogba would listen. He doesn’t. What happens to the path he decides to choose this season is not entirely clear as there were not much easter eggs in the season promo videos to indicate.

However, we believe he doesn’t change from his ways, and continues to fool around.

No subtitles?

It is unfortunate there aren’t subtitles for this season’s episode 1, although there’re scenes full of the use of the Ga language.

Indeed, YOLO’s target audience is wider than the speakers of the Ga language, thus would really go a long way to help non-Ga speakers to follow the show.

YouTube has this feature of allowing viewers to contribute subtitles. It might be time for YOLO to put that to the test and bring these vernacular languages into a common language like English for wider reach and understanding.


Maybe in this season or the next to come (if any), the actual reunion of Pusher and Enyonam will come to pass. Pusher in a scene complains how Aluta (Enyonam’s brother) doesn’t put in a good word for him before his sister, even questioning the fact that Auntie Enyonam professes to be a Christian yet finds it almost impossible to forgive.

Aluta and Pusher
Aluta and Pusher – long-time friends

Will Aluta be the uniting factor for these former love birds? Or will Cyril be the glue to reunite the lost bond between his mom and dad?

Many might be expecting the positive twist between Pusher and Enyonam sooner or later, and that could provide insight lessons for how family life could be rebuilt and moving forward with life irrespective of the horrible mistakes done in the past.

Since more and more of the ‘Good Life’ theme is pushing into YOLO, the introduction of this element will ensure something to keep families stuck to the show.