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YOLO Season 3 Episode 2 Review

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In summary:

The plan to host a small party for Cyril by Auntie Enyonam, through the handiworks of King George, is blown out of proportion. Irene strives to get Cyril visit her in the house. Cyril falls for the trap and heads to Irene’s place with his girlfriend, Emily

Lydia (works at Auntie Enyonam’s shop) goes all out to draw the attention of Shaker, winning her a lunch with one of the ‘Senior Drogbas’.

Drogba, on the other hand can’t stop his usual ways, and hunts down Salomey, Abrantie’s cousin.

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Drogba Just Can’t Stop

In my episode 1 review, I did mention it is likely Drogba will not back away from his ‘chepetee’ ways. Of course, he doesn’t, as this episode paints the picture of how Drogba keeps on hunting ladies, this time round, heading towards a direction he likely can’t match boot for boot.

Salomey, Abrantie’s cousin, happens to be Drogba’s next stop. How the story with the slur lady remains to be unfolded. However, what is clear at the moment is the fact that Drogba has got no more tricks under his sleeves, and keeps spitting out not enough convincing ‘vibes’ to win ladies over, except maybe Serwah.

Speaking of Serwah…

Speaking of Serwah; Serwah goes to the extent of studying. As to why the rigorous studies, it is yet to be told. However, Serwah’s mother attempts going for a lesson from her beloved daughter, and what ensued is imaginable.

Many are the big books that positioned on Serwah’s table. Maybe Serwah is planning to return to school, as that was her mother’s dream for her.

If that is the case, then Serwah has got much to polish, as her ‘R’ and ‘L’ keeps mixing up in addition to her poor pronunciation skills. If ‘Whatever’ comes out of Serwah’s mouth as ‘Waleva’, there’s no doubt much work needs to be done!

Hope isn’t lost for Serwah though. I wish to see her story transform. Perhaps she focuses on her studies, she goes out of season for this season, then return maybe in season 5 or late season 4 as a better person, a better lady with respect and dignity.

Such a twist in Serwah’s life will throw a positive message out there. Some hold onto their current conditions thinking there’s no hope and end up not trying to continue schooling. The reasons why youngsters stop schooling can be a million.

However, I hope Serwah story evolves to tell a story of how with focus, goal, and will, one can become what they wish to.

What is wrong with Lydia?

It is hard to tell how and why all of a sudden, Lydia’s grown horns and trying to bite more than she can chew.

Shaker, as the name obviously points out, will shake your world easily. Majid Michael, as a shaker, was once the Drogba of his days, and maybe still is?

But whatever Lydia’s plan is, I can hardly tell. Her story quickly twists too much without any sense. I don’t know where the writer wants to lead Lydia’s character into, however, a bit of explanation on why she’s taking the course she’s on now will be worth it.

yolo season 3 episode 2
Drogba throws Lydia in the Frontline

Unless somewhere along the line, a flashback will keep all the lines in line, otherwise, I find her sudden shift of personality from being a humble, sweet little shop attendant to being the ‘Santasi Nicki Minaj’, as King George puts it!

Needless to say, Lydia’s has her game up this season and her true beauty highlighted. Can’t wait to see what is in store for her this season. There’s little known about her background. Let us hope she makes the right choices and pulls the right strings.

Lydia of yolo season 3 episode 2
Lydia – That gaze is charming!

The Party

As it stands now, we all await how the Cyril party will unfold. Join us tomorrow as we watch Season 3 Episode 2 of YOLO.

Until then, watch the Season 3 Episode 2 below.

Thanks, and see you in the next one!