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YOLO Season 4 – What to Expect?

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In many minds, YOLO Season 1 started just about a week ago. But make no mistake; we’re close to the 4th season. April comes with many goodnesses, including the premiere of YOLO Season 4

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To the YOLO newbies, “YOLO is a television series that seeks to increase young people’s access to appropriate health information and health services by enhancing the social, legal and cultural environment for the improvement of young people’s reproductive health!”

During the previous seasons, maternal health, malaria prevention and solutions, adolescence reproductive health, and a ton more other living a “Good Life”-related subjects were discussed. Although Season 01, I couldn’t notice much of the educational content in them, I must say the production was great, and subsequent seasons have managed to present the “Good Life” message gradually.

Season 04 Premiere of YOLO on April 15, 2017 (source: YOLOGhana, facebook)

Considering the massive interest in the show, no wonder many have loved the impact the popular TV Series is having on millennials.

Season 4 hopefully will continue with the trend and help educate as many as possible.

So Far So Good

Let me quickly bring you up to speed about the previous seasons, before you dive straight into Season 4 which premieres this April 15.

Season 01 to 03

For a detailed review of Season 01 and 02, see our previous article.

Cyril & Emily

These lovebirds start off their relationship in a not-so-straightforward way. The interest in each other peaks before a young attractive student, namely, Irene, comes crossing Cyril’s way, placing a kinda wedge between him and Emily.

Cyril is easily the most civilized, responsible and reasonable gentleman in the entire show, holding up to great morals and setting a great example for what young adolescence should strive to become.

cyril hugs emily
“Cyril nie. Yours good!”

He takes (took) his books seriously, even coming out with flying colors in their recently ended Basic Examinations. A party in celebration of the success, thrown by Aunti Enyonam (role by Jackie Appiah), Cyril’s Mum, unfortunately, didn’t end successfully for Psycho, who gets himself drunk. Carried away, Psycho was a perfect reflection of the “Confession” song by Kofi Kinaata.

Although Emily remains sorta out of the equation, Cyril is still in the run to win her, and how it all unfolds remains to be seen in the upcoming season 4.

Drogba & Jane

Drogba remains the ladies ‘hunter’ for the most part of the early seasons. In a literal sense, he makes it his daily goal, job and target to “run” as many ladies as possible in his neighborhood, which happens to be full of amazing, smart and beautiful ladies, namely, Jane, Araba, Irene, Antoinette, Lydia and Betty.

Betty, right and a friend.

Drogba eventually becomes a father to a baby who’s mother is Jane. In season three, I, for whatever reasons was convinced Drogba would turn over a new page and live up to the responsibility his actions brought to fore.

Shame on me! He proved me wrong, to the extent he found it comfortable sleeping in front of Jane’s family, who met with Drogba for the first time to assess how ‘worthy’ he is or will be as a son-in-law.

To add insults to injury, right in Jane’s hometown, Drogba finds it convenient enough to even make sexual advances to his ex-girlfriend, who happens to be a close friend of Jane.

Will Jane proceed with Drogba, who seems in many ways a not-so-great-fit for raising a kid with? Will Drogba really change for the better?

Drogba asleep, during a family meetup.


Lydia & King George

Lydia begins her appearances on the show as a humble hardworking young lady, who works as an assistant of Auntie Enyonam at a boutique shop.

Things escalate quickly as Lydia becomes the person one could hardly envision. Finally forming a strange relationship with Shaker (listen to the name), over a promise of sending her to Dubai.

Did Lydia go to Dubai? I think so. Did she stay? No. Did I wish more was fleshed out about her stay and doings in Dubai? Yes.

Lydia at the boutique shop of Aunti Enyonam

As Lydia goes about her daily ups and downs, little did I know King George was a ‘secret’ admirer. In season 3, close to the end, we learn George makes sexual advances to Lydia, who makes a firm resolution to not lay down with George, or do whatever the king had in mind.

George remains the “King” of the neighborhood, claiming to know everything about everyone at any time, anywhere.

Although he gossips a lot, and in the process, hears a lot, he very often blows incidents out of proportion, in a mere attempt to woo his listeners into either siding with him on an issue, or placing them on a crazy path.

At the back of my mind, the only twist I envisioned for George in Season 3 was to see him with Serwah.

No idea why, but it would have been cool, right?

Serwah, Psyco & Abrentie

Abrentie remains one of my favorites of the YOLO Show. He’s smart, gentle and speaks little, yet makes sense most of the time. He (Ivan Adumoah) plays his character well. His encounter with Betty didn’t go as he likely envisioned, considering before he could finish his last words to her, King George made sure he had disrupted Abrentie’s show.

Psyco makes a huge mess of himself, at least since the 80’s. Eventually, he becomes the laughing stock of the neighborhood. He had to be carried away the night of Cyril’s party. He surely needed the ‘Lord to take over the steer’. Social media did the rest.

Mr Since the 80s in action!

Serwah has become an integral part of the show, and her presence is fun and exciting for all. With her convoluted English pronunciation and expressions, he cracks many viewers up.

Although she’s had some ups and downs, she seems to be recovering pretty well from the likely STIs she had from sleeping around with other guys. Her visit to the nearest clinic was a wise move, and talking to older ones who had her welfare at heart also improved her situation. Interestingly enough, she claims Drogba to be his boyfriend. Seriously?

Interestingly enough, she claims Drogba to be his boyfriend. Seriously?

I’ll love to see Serwah’s story change for the better. Perhaps she travels to somewhere, anywhere (abroad?), schools then comes back successful. At that time, she speaks great English and expresses herself properly.

Such a twist will turn her story around for a good one. I don’t know when or if that’ll happen for her, but it’ll be a nice touch up for her. Even if she doesn’t travel, she gets the opportunity to school far, likely via some kind of sponsorship or whatnot.

The twist in her story will likely resound the fact that it ain’t too late to school and get educated, besides education is part of the “Good Life”


Season 4 Expectations?

At this point so far throughout the seasons, I hope to enjoy another great production from the team behind the show, more laughter, and more educational content.

Please interweave the educational content with the storyline, spread across the episodes. This way, it ain’t easy to single out a scene as ‘This one is the advice to us’.

In all, I expect a great show from the cast and kudos to all who make the show possible.

What are you looking forward to in Season 4? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.