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YOLO Season 4 Videos & Reviews

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The YOLO TV Series Season 4 premiere was aired on TV3 at 18:30 GMT on April 15, this year. After sharing some of my expectations in the previous article, this season hopes to take viewers on a journey yet unknown. Hopefully, this YOLO Season 4 Review brings you up to speed with the fourth season.

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As each episode reveals the plot, stick and stay to learn more about how it all unfolds. In this article, I’ll be doing short reviews of each episode every week. You could come back to refresh your mind whenever moving to the next episodes.


Each review will try to wrap around the plot of each episode, as short and crisp as possible.

Without much ado, let’s start with YOLO TV Series Season 4 Episode 1.


Episode 12


Episode 11



Episode 10



Episode 9


Episode 8


Episode 7


Episode 6


Episode 5


Episode 4


Episode Three 3


Episode Two 2

A big bummer for Psycho. Melody’s got a boyfriend. And if that wasn’t enough, Jane’s grandmother blasts Psycho for his reluctance in getting the door, after she’s traveled great distance with the baby.

Abrentie¬†gets himself in trouble on the way to grab his girlfriend to the club party. Drogba and Cyril meet Irene, at the club, only for Drogba to be advised, so far the best he’s heard since he was born!

Abrentie meets his meter at Pearl’s house, when he is mistaken as an armed robber and bullied by her elder brother.

Abrentie not looking good!

Irene, yet again, wins the race to have Cyril within her ring of control unlike Emily, who is at only-God-knows-where.

Cyril gets real with Drogba, in front of Naa and friends, including Antoinette (ex-girlfriend of Cyril):

“Wow, I think abstinance is a cool idea, girls.

You know, Sometimes having guys like Drogba here, it’s not easy, but I mean, what do you lose when you stand by your decision to abstain.

We can all agree that relationships are not always about sex.

But Drogba, on the real, look at the mess you put yourself through. You always had to go to Takoradi to see your baby. Isn’t this a lesson big enough for you?


I must say I got touched by that from Cyril; so on point and wise. Undoubtedly, all the ladies agreed with him and was just what everyone wanted to hear, and truly is the right thing!

Except for Drogba only took this wonderful piece of advice wish just a grain of salt. Betty encores the advice from Cyril, yet, Drogba is in no mode to apply this wise counsel of abstaining from sex.

Cyril went ahead to ‘press the girl [Irene] like bread’ at the club and happily ended up in Irene’s bed. A great loss by Emily’s ratings, and a huge win for Irene!

A lady, the likes of Irene comes serving you one of the healthiest breakfasts in the world, full of fresh juice, carrots, and vegetables, you know the night before the morning was a remarkable one!

A Healthy breakfast, a sign of living the GoodLife

Will Irene one day visit Cyril abroad just to keep her love for Cyril aflame? Has Irene fully snatched Cyril away from Emily?


Episode One 1

Psycho meets a lady online (Melody, a new cast). Drogba makes way for Psycho to have room to himself and Melody, a clear sign Drogba is the least positive of friends one could have. Online dating is a twist I hardly expected this season to have. However, Psycho, out of all his “Since the 80’s” foolishness, asks friends for advice for how to vibe the lady, of which he happily receives some crazy bogus tips.

As usual, Emily can’t get over Cyril, and with Cyril’s planned travel outside to continue his studies, she tries to catch a glimpse of his lover for the last time, and leave a lasting great hug experience and impression in the mind of Cyril.

Cyril, you do all!

Meanwhile, Irene tries to beat Emily to it, by offering Cyril the opportunity to spend each minute possible with him during his last stay time around. Drogba, in the backseat of Abrantie’s car, listening to Cyril turn down Irene’s bargain, almost causes the highly immoral and unreasonable young irresponsible man and father to go into a brain-freeze mode.

Drogba’s influence keeps trying to overreach, to the extent of asking Abrantie to “back-pass” his new-found girlfriend to him, just after “3 months” of running, as per “neighborhood rules”, implying they’re all on the “same team”.

Jane and her grandmother arrive in the City to visit Drogba, only to meet a story building she believes belongs to Drogba. She obviously has no idea, as Jane stares at her in a boring-looking raw face.

Melody meets up with Psycho, who runs his rehearsed vibes and lines trying to woo her into the room (of which he eventually manages to, as Melody lets her guard down), with the best intentions of gently laying down with her, or worst intentions, perhaps damaging Drogba’s ‘since the high school’ mattress.

Psycho refers to Melody as the “Queen of the 80’s”. Why can’t I stop laughing at this pun of Psycho?

Just a heads up: Don’t use the lines Psycho used on Melody. It’ll work on not even a single lady anywhere in the world, in 2017, unless you time-travel to somewhere the 30s.

Psycho calms Melody with the words, “I’ll be gentle”, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Will Jane and grandmother make a scenic entry to find Psycho ‘on top’ of Melody?