Affordable High Quality 4K Drone Stock Footage from Ghana

The right drone B-Roll shots adds the needed touch and punch to a storyline, or the story telling experience.


For a long while, finding top quality, affordable 4K 30fps D-Cinelike Ungraded Color Profile footage to use has been a headache for me. What if I could work on capturing these content, and make it available for content creators facing a similar challenge can focus on their core stories, without having to worry about such drone shots?

High quality, professional stock footage like these were impossible to find earlier, until now.

I decided to start a collection of drone footage available to purchase and use, even in commercial settings.

They’re high quality, professionally shot at different angles, and ungraded, thus giving you the editor full control over the colors and look of your final masterpiece.

Many stock footage about Ghana I came across are either too expensive or not well shot.

My goal is to help fix that challenge we all face as content creators.

Who’s such stock footage for?

Like many things in life, not everything is meant for everyone. But for such stock footage, I believe content creators like

  • Youtubers
  • Filmakers/Movie makers looking for B-Rolls
  • Documentary producers

and similar professionals will find these footage very useful. Because, my footage are, well…

Affordable. Yes!

All my 4K 30fps Ungraded stock footage are all 24.99$ (equivalent to 145 Ghana Cedis)

What do you Get?

What you get, is exactly what I would want to get from a B-Roll footage. So I give you all that. And they are:

  • Straight Out of Camera (SOOC)
  • 100 Mbit/s video
  • D-Cinelike Color Profile (see example: Aboabo Market, Tamale)
  • 30 frames per second (someof the shots are taken using ‘Tripod Mode’, or similar, so a little spice of slow mo is possible)
  • At least 3 minutes of footage
  • Link to download
  • A license doc for you to use

What can you use footage for?

First, lemme address what you CAN’T USE or not ALLOWED TO USE the footage for

  • You CANNOT resell the footage
  • You CANNOT transfer usage license to another content creator

Otherwise, you can use the footage for anything, including commercial purposes. Also remember, you are NOT and WILL NOT become the the copyright owner of any of the purchased footage.

How to Purchase?

Visit KhoPhi’s Stock Footage page on PayStack

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