Tech Jobs in Netherlands that Offer Sponsorship

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If you’re like me, a non-Dutch person dreaming of working in the awesome Dutch tech scene, then you know the struggle is real when it comes to visa sponsorships. It’s tough to figure out which companies are even tech-related, let alone hiring internationals like us.

<human>But guess what? The Dutch website (Public Register Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants) that lists all the organizations, well, simply lists them. Which of the organizations are tech-related, or how do I know which industry they operate in?</human>

But good news, everyone! There’s a new tool in town called Project Dutch, and it’s here to make our lives a whole lot easier.

What’s the Deal with Project Dutch?

Basically, Project Dutch is like a super-smart filter for the official Dutch website where they list all the companies that can sponsor visas. The creator, KhoPhi (another international techie), got fed up with the mess of that website, so he built this tool to sort things out. It’s genius!

What Makes It So Cool?

  • Finds the Tech Companies: No more wasting time on companies that have nothing to do with tech.
  • Super Easy to Use: Seriously, even your grandma could figure this out.
  • Built by the Community: The code is open-source, which means anyone can help make it even better.

Why Should You Care?

Project Dutch is a big deal because it:

  • Gives Us More Power: We can finally find the right companies to apply to without going crazy.
  • Makes Dutch Tech More Diverse: The more international talent they get, the cooler it gets, right?
  • Proves We Can Do It Ourselves: KhoPhi built this thing to solve his own problem, and now we all benefit.

So, How Do You Use It?

It’s still a work in progress (version 0.0.1), but it’s already super helpful. Just head over to the Project Dutch website and give it a spin.

Cheers to KhoPhi and a Better Future in Dutch Tech

This is the kind of thing that makes me excited about the tech community. We look out for each other and build cool stuff to make things better.

Have you tried Project Dutch yet? Let me know what you think in the comments

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