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Android One is a standard created by Google for Android systems, mainly targeted at people buying their first smartphone, and customers in the developing world.

Android 7, on the other hand, is Google’s latest version of the Android operating system. Otherwise known as Android Nougat, this overhauled new Android version promises to be Google’s best attempt at ensuring great user experience, yet providing robust security and privacy.

You well by now know of the release of Android N timestamp. So when Android 7 comes out in August, how long will Android One devices have to wait before their Nougat on plate servings begin?

Source: Android One
Source: Android One

Standards by Google, Updates by Google

One can think of Android One as Google Nexus handsets, only targeted to persons new to the smartphone arena or those on a tight budget, still interested in enjoying the best from Android at all cost.

Many cheap smartphones on the market today do not get updated, ever, after the manufacturers churn them out of their big factories and warehouses.

At their price point, it makes little sense to keep pushing dollars in updating them, and they’re varied versions of them on the market.

Unlike leaving Android devices to rot in the open sea waters of smartphones in today’s world, Google wishes to ensure people using Android in developing countries also enjoy updates, and at least remain on the most stable and reliable version of the world’s most used operating system.

With this in mind, Google ships updates to their Android One devices each month, known as Security Updates. And so, considering Google directly keeps Android One handsets on their calendar, how long until we see updates shipping to our handsets when N is released?

How long until Android 7 Update?

Google has Android One project at heart and has been doing well with that promise, by pushing updates as and when needed.

According to the Android One international website:

“*Receives automatic Android updates for up to 2 years.”

Like me, my Android One Infinix Hot 2 was related late of 2015. Therefore, owners of the Hot 2 can expect to receive updates up to 2017 (Android 8?).

How quick will this from-one-to-another-version updates from Google be?

Well, the Android One website adds:

Runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and upgrades to the next version of Android soon after it’s released.*

The keyword is, Soon after [the] release. So will just a month after the next version of Android release be within the ‘Soon’ range?

I believe so! I am pumped at the moment, and can’t wait to be in line to receive my Nougat servings when they arrive.

Live long, Android One!

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