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[Update] Ekiki Yen App – Making Utmost use of Vodafone’s Promo

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[Milestones] Nov 12, 2017 – Some Ghc 2,500 worth of Ekiki Me codes shared on the Ekiki Yen Android Application.

[Update] – Oct 31, 2017

With the recent update, it only takes a simple scan of the voucher to activate in the application.

Now Scan to Load – Ekiki Yen

With just about 2 months more to go in Vodafone’s Ekiki Me promotion, a Ghanaian Android Developer is taking advantage of the promo to help Vodafone Users across Ghana to make efficient use of their promo codes.

The word ‘Ekiki’ in the local language of Twi, was derived from the experience of an electric shock. The feeling is described as ‘Ekiki wo’, as in, ‘It shocked you’.

The Vodafone “Ekiki Mi” promotion works this way:

Share the full value of your used scratch card with two (2) other consumer pre-paid Vodafone Customers.

This can be done in four (4) stages:

  • Stage 1: Party A buys a Vodafone Scratchcard of value GHC
  • Stage 2: Party A scratches & loads airtime using *134*pin#
  • Stage 3: Party A gives same scratch card or pin to a maximum of two other people, Parties B
  • Stage 4: Parties B can load card using the code *135*pin# to receive full value each i.e. GHcX each

Sounds exciting, right?

But the question is, how can you share and or find Ekiki scratch cards to use?

Enter Ekiki Yen App! Developed by Degreat Yartey, an Android Developer, the same person behind Adeton, he envisions a one-stop-shop for sharing and finding Ekiki me scratch cards to use.

No more walking around looking for Vodafone scratch cards.

Just download the app and start being a part of the “Recycling Ekiki Me Together”

Click to Download Ekiki Yen