Internet Speed Unlike Anything I’ve ever Seen in Ghana

Today, I experienced internet speed, unlike anything I’ve witnessed anywhere in Ghana. And the fact that it happened at a place I least expected (sorry) blows me away even further!

Not even the Vodafone Fiber to the Home comes close, nor even their so-called “Fastest internet cafe in Africa”.

Highest Torrent Download Speed I’ve ever seen on any network anywhere in Ghana


This is +13mbps more than the highest you can go with Vodafone Fibre to the Home


At the ongoing TechLeadsGh Summer Program happening at Koforidua Technical University, in one of their computer laboratories, I put their LAN to the test.

Plugged in one network cable to my computer which was dangling around close to our Pi 3 boards. Transmission Torrent downloader did the rest, and in less than 1 minute, the remainder of the OSX Maverick download I started in the house was pulled down.

I’m told the speeds are even astronomical at a separate lab located nearby to this internet-heaven lab I got these monstrous network speeds at.

What Network?

Not sure, but said MTN, so I guess it is MTN 4G. Obviously, MTN is likely giving the entire school a huge bandwidth.

If so, then I’ll say MTN’s internet is doing a mind-blowingly great job at Koforidua Technical University.



Just imagine, 17 Megabyte per second!

17 Megabytes per Second in Koforidua, Ghana. Mind blown!

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