Kente High-Heeled 3D Shoe

After being away from 3D designs for a while, I built Blender again and got to work on my recent simple work. It is a 3D shoe for the ladies.

Kente High-Heeled Shoes, for all the ladies.

The artwork was inspired by this photo I saw early morning shared by +Ivy. I felt I could render a similar looking image using Blender.

Blender Tip: Did you know you can enable desktop notifications relating to render completion in Blender on Linux?

Blender 3D notification
Render complete notification only available in Linux

So rendering I did. In fact, modeling took the longest part, although not that long. I’ve been a bit rusty these days. But Blender is fun to work with, and to get a great image, not much work is involved, especially regarding simple renders like these.

blender 3d shoe model
Kente High-heeled Shoe. See the high resolution .png version 


Download the 3D shoe model

Download the shoe model here without textures.

Kente shoe – textureless model

I’ll love to see what you build with this model. Hope to see you in the next one.

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