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Migrate to Gulp 4 (With Complete Example)

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Hello, and welcome. A bit of change in upcoming Gulp 4. If you’re coming from Gulp 3, here’s a short article with a complete working example based on Gulp 4.

You probably are using Gulp 3.9.1. Brace yourself to gulp down something even sweeter!

Below is a sample gulp 4 build script I use for CodeBySide ( ).

CodeBySide brings heads together to write code and compare. See how the code you write in one language, translate to the other, in the language’s ‘idiomatic way’.

Gulp 4 Sample Build Script

The script below is adapted to work with Gulp 4, taken from Gulp 3 Sample Script above.

The above was taken from a live project.

Feel free to adapt to match your needs, or recommend improvements.

Happy Gulping!