Mudclo is Mad and a Clown!

As you start to read this article, throw away your childish, fantasy and unrealistic delusional thinking of web applications and whatnot aside. Here, I try to talk facts, reality and I’m serious! My previous piece of ‘Africa’s Mark Zuckerberg’ wasn’t enough to spill out how ignorant many in the media tends to be.

Update: 24th July

Mudclo down, Security Reasons

“Down for Security Reasons”?



They think we were born yesterday? A platform no one signs up, but you have 15M users in 1 month? Source


A befitting Welcome page, Mudclo

This isn’t the first nor will be the last of its kind of HTML-cum-CSS platforms static web pages throwing in a few GET requests here and there in an attempt to revolutionalize the world.

Unlike my piece on Ghana’s Larry Page, which was long and elaborate, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

What is Mudclo, as they say?

After watching the above video for the first time, the foremost thought to occur to me was the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss”. I laughed so hard, there were tears of joy!

The anchor/presenter has absolutely NO idea what he’s talking about (specifically about this new item), which is fun watching.

The anchor on the station is so ignorant and clueless (about the story of mudclo,specifically) it is a pity!

Ignorance is Bliss Indeed!

He starts by saying:

“.. Google and YouTube had better watch out”

For what exactly? Someone using their API? In order of most visited websites, it is Google, then Facebook, then YouTube. Two in the list belongs to one company!

That one parent company should “Better watch out”, because a 19-year-old boy all of a sudden is making so-called ‘innovative and creative’ use of their API?

What is wrong with us?

“… Who has built an online video search engine and the innovation has caught the attention of the industry’s big company.”

Which of the industry’s big company is he talking about? It obviously isn’t Google, nor YouTube. And Apple isn’t into Search Engines either. Bing? Yahoo?

Naa! I doubt, because on their own, Bing + Yahoo isn’t a fraction close to Google’s Search Engine. Or wait, Yahoo and Bing will pull resources together and buy the static website so-called “search engine” pulling data from API endpoints of the world’s leading true search engine!

“.. some critics are calling it the African YouTube”

Who the F is the critic calling it “The African YouTube”? Gimme a name, please. I won’t take any name for an answer except Raindolf Owusu.

“.. Challenge dominance of Google”

Apple with all their resources (and they have a ton, both financially and intellectually) haven’t been able to steer off Google’s Search dominance, but the 19-year-old sociology student (wait what, Sociology student: Facepalm), is the savior?

A big facepalm!


From the Horse’s own mouth

If you watch the video above, starting from where the 19-year-old sociology student starts talking, does anything he said makes sense?

How can people support the idea that a 19-year-old boy built a search engine, when in fact, it is just NOT a search engine?

How can I support the idea that a goat is a sheep when the sheep isn’t a goat? Come to think of it. Is that possible?

“… eeeh, that is very discouraging”

Yes, it is, because your mediocre effort is insulting and humiliating to true developers in Ghana and a disgrace to any Ghanaian trying to do the “Web” profession.

“I believe these are all criticism which are all constructive”

What is wrong with this guy?

People are telling you what you’ve built is a gimmick and has no bearing in the real world except dumb journalists will ride on that to hype their blogs/websites plus allow you to get chances to speak at international events just because you’ve done nothing.

Deep down in your heart, you very well know you’re on the wrong side of things, yet, probably your Coach Raindolf is urging you own to keep throwing dust into the eyes of unsuspecting, unwilling-to-be-enlightened readers (who are mostly Ghanaians, because developers in San Francisco or Munich won’t fall for this trash).

For the record, your PR stunt is working! Kudos.

“.. my business is good enough and can scale globally”

The fact that the guy has managed to convince himself so well is disheartening. How could he be brainwashed that much? I think if he set up a business to brainwash people as he’s been, it’ll be “good enough”, and likely will scale globally, because there are a ton of audience out there, hoping to get brainwashed and forget they ever voted for Donald Trump!

Please, 19-year-old sociology student, please you could achieve more. Just get your trash together. The real world will laugh so hard at you. In fact, they are now.

What exactly is (can) Mudclo (be)?

Ever heard the word, Meta Search Engine?

A metasearch engine (or aggregator) is a search tool that uses another search engine’s data to produce their own results from the Internet. – Source

Is a Mudclo trying to be a metasearch engine for videos? Is the business trying to be a videos results aggregator from multiple search engines?

I think that might be the end game. If so, Godspeed!

However, if any savvy reader clicked the source link above, you would have noticed creating a Meta search engine isn’t an HTML-CSS kinda thing. So again, Godspeed with that. Homepage (currently down). Snapshot is taken from the Wayback Machine

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