Making Abigail proud in 2024

Abigail eats Open Source Projects advocacy for breakfast, lunch and supper. A few years ago, I would have said, “When I grow up, I wanna be like her”, except I’m grown, thus I set a new target for myself this year of 2024.

Target is simple, and focused. Focused on one project, a framework I’ve been using relatively extensively in recent months, known as LangChain.

Simple as in, each week, I will contribute in any shape or form, in improving a tiny bit part of the LangChain documentation, typically along the lines of the features and or integrations I’m using in my line of work at the moment (building something AI-related for education and academics).

Or contribute to any other project I use.

Or write an article talking about a tech I’m using.

Case in point, as a start, for this week, here’s the part of the documentation I chose to work on. Will come back every week to this post to update the ticket/issue link, all the way through the next remaining weeks of 2024, starting as at today, Sunday January 21, 12,024.


Wish me all the best

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