Over 150 riding hours under my belt

In the 10th month since I bought the motorbike. I recently clocked the 10,000km mark.

Just like flight hours is a thing among the aviation industry, I figured, why not estimate how many ‘riding hours’ I’ve also accumulated.

Well, on average, it takes me about an hour and 15 minutes from Accra to Koforidua – a one way travel. Accra to Koforidua is an 85 km journey.

Thus, it’ll be safe to say, for a 100 km journey, it takes 1 hour, 30 minutes to make it on a motorbike (my motorbike. Superbikes will do that in about 45 minutes, I imagine)

If so, then for covering a 10,000 km mark, how many hours would that involve? My maths teacher would say, ‘If 100km equals 1hr 30 minutes, what does 10000 equals’?

I got 150 hours for the 10,000 km. What did you get?

This is in no way exceptional, as many courier riders in Accra are probably in their 300 or 400 hours riding time.

However, considering the mobility and flexibility, time savings and punctuality using the motorbike allows me, I’m happy to have covered such many hours, and used these time effectively.

Unfortunately, that’s time that’ll never be recovered. However, the experience it offers, is unrivaled.

Risky? A ton. The experience? Unmatched.

With our upcoming journey to Wa, it presents an exciting opportunity for us, Noah and myself, to explore various towns and cities as we ride on the motorbike.

To follow updates of the ride to Wa, make sure to follow us. Checkout our article outlining the upcoming trip

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