Free Open Wi-Fi this December in Koforidua

One of the many experiences I loved about being in London was the free Wi-Fi. And I mean, literal, free, open-to-all, Wi-Fi access.

It’s happening!

The company behind this Wi-Fi provision is called The Cloud. Indoors, it was hard tapping into ‘The Cloud’, however, one could access this open Wi-Fi anywhere I went to in London.

I hardly remember losing reception to ‘The Cloud’ Wi-Fi signals, except in trains and buildings like the hotel we stayed in.

For someone like myself from Ghana, having free, unlimited (kinda), ultra-fast, connect-everywhere WiFi internet was a wonder – a wonder it took me hours to wrap my head around. I never wished to come across such WiFi generosity in my lifetime, at least not this early.

In fact, I never thought such free WiFi existed in the world. I was foolish to reason so!

I always had second thoughts as to the legality of what I was doing. When I connected to the open WiFi, followed the instructions, and had internet access, I wondered if I had not tampered with the system unknowingly, and that someone would come busting me for whatnot offenses.

It was very hard for me to accept why anyone would want to open WiFi to anyone ever. It felt like giving the nuclear launch codes to a 2-year old kid, but me being the kid.

Rest assured, I was a responsible kid in my use of the WiFi and hardly abused it, except for trying to intentionally stream 4K MKBHD videos from YouTube.

However, I adapted, enjoyed and really benefited from the free Wi-Fi.

My YouTube videos never buffered, opening web pages were faster than opening ‘My Computer’ on my computer, streaming music was as if I’m playing audio from my local machine, and the overall responses to web requests were just instantaneous.

I remember updating my Android Source Code with latest changes from upstream in less than 10 seconds. In Ghana, on the fastest network at the time, it took at least 4 minutes.

Every access was just snappy!

The above was in 2014, in London!

Fast forward to 2016, in Koforidua, and for a small, a really tiny section of Koforidua, on the 24-26th of this December 2016, everyone is invited to join me and many others within the Densuano community as we enjoy The Web like never before.

Stream all the YouTube videos you want, chat with friends on WhatsApp, and or update all the apps on your phone, tablet or computer.

Get up to speed with all the latest news around the world, hear from friends and family, via emails, voice calls or video calls.

You’re invited, and don’t come alone!

Free WiFi Details

Venue: Jako Bar, Densuano Street, near Densuano Clinic, Koforidua

Date: 24, 25, and 26th of December, 2016

WiFi Name: AlwaysOn

Do’s and Don’ts: Check the Terms of Use

Sponsors: Khophi’s HotSpot, #TheAfricanDreamLLC and others.

Khophi's Dev Hotspot System
Khophi’s Dev Hotspot System


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