Google Play Music Rolling out to Ghana?

Note: If you want to see more options in Google Play Music, you should access it via a VPN Server located in the US. Although you get to see more options, you don’t get to purchase any musics.

The idea of having to rest on Google for many online services is not something I entirely second. When there are great alternatives, I’m the first to jump onto, such as Netflix recently going worldwide with their streaming subscription service, perhaps I was the first to sign up.

It is amazing to realize the many online streaming services opening up to new frontiers and realizing Africa had her shop open for business years ago. Netflix, I say, welcome!

Currently, only, and ONLY Google Play Apps is Ghana privileged to have Full Access. Play Books, I’ll say 1/3rd access. Then now, mini-access to Play Music.

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We’ve all been staring at responses like these more than 5 years now.

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While Google was/is “working to bring the content you love to more countries”, other streaming services were actually gushing out the content already. Instead of working on ‘to bring’, these great alternatives were serving the content hot, beautifully prepared.

No one probably expects Google Play Music anymore. Wouldn’t mean anything!

So, it was just a matter of time for Google to keep working on getting the content ready. By the time they’re ready, some entity might have finished the race.

Google Play Music

It’s been a couple of months now, and new features are showing up on my access to Google Play Music, probably giving hints as to some or full access to Google Play music to roll out soon.

Let’s hope to see full access to Google Play Music. I won’t say I’ve been waiting for Google Play Music to arrive, because, well, I don’t really need it. If/When it’s around, it doesn’t hurt to use it once in a while. But the lack of it doesn’t change anything for me, though. Tied into YouTube or so? Maybe, that YouTube part might get me to subscribe. Play Music subscription as a standalone thing? Nope!

Great Alternatives, say, Deezer?

When it comes to subscription-based music, I think Deezer has made their point pretty clear that they’re serious and ready for business and have made a resounding entry to the local market of Ghana, to the extent of partnering with Tigo.

And I will say for a certainty, Deezer worked pretty well: Sync was great, Sound quality awesome, mobile and PC apps were outstanding, nothing lacked in their experience for me.

I couldn’t find one or two tracks from certain artists, but wasn’t much of a big deal. At least, the sign of trying to reach out to the many with quality service at a relatively lower cost was and is still a step in the right direction.

Screenshot from 2016-01-18 00-41-03

Talk of Google Play Ecosystem? Duh! If they expect us to come beg them on our knees with tears from their eyes, before they provide a service that ain’t gonna be free, then they can stay where they are.

Great alternatives exist, and I’m excited! Is Google Play Music coming? Well, who cares? Not me, though!


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