“I Can’t Think Far” #ICantThinkFar is the statement taking over Ghana in recent months.

Originally introduced by the comedian and actor, popularly known as Nkansah Lil Wayne, the expression is now widely known and used, to the extent a music video was released by the same actor.

Meaning of “I Can’t Think Far”

The above is an excerpt from a Ghanaian movie featuring Nkansah Lil Win as he expresses his misunderstanding of a situation.

The expression, “I Can’t Think Far”, refers to a scenario, situation, event, explanation or action which makes little to no sense to you or whoever uses the expression.

For instance, to encompass the entire misunderstanding, weirdness, and senselessness of a drunk man who gets engaged in an accident on a motorcycle, the expression, “I Can’t Think Far” is what you might be looking for!

Reach and Use

#ICantThinkFar trends on Twitter, and a political play is showing in theatres in Ghana – a play based on the same hashtag.

Nkansah Lil Win, also released his “I Don’t Think Far” music to re-emphasize how he cannot comprehend what others sometimes do.


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