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Laravel Auth using MaterializeCSS UI

My adventure with the Laravel Framework was a fun one. I enjoyed the framework and many of how it works made so much sense. The php artisan make:auth command which generates authentication boilerplate is great, however, uses Bootstrap as the CSS Framework of choice. Shall we use MaterializeCSS instead?

So, simply using the same design of the authentication templates in Bootstrap, I threw in MaterializeCSS, and the Laravel Auth MaterializeCSS project was born.

Did you know?

You can download a custom build of MaterializeCSS right in the browser. Try today.

The Laravel Auth MaterializeCSS was born so I wouldn’t have to tweak my authentication templates to match my MaterializeCSS UI per every project, and I get to share with all.


By default, php artisan make:auth generates authentication boilerplate templates using Bootstrap.

This project allows you to replace that with MaterializeCSS instead.

  • git clone or download as zip
  • Copy the auth folder into your resources/views folder within your Laravel 5 project
  • Change the @extends('layout') within each auth template to match what your layout file name is. Default is layout.blade.php
  • Run and profit!


I hope this cuts your journey of transforming your authentication views to MaterializeCSS shorter.

Enjoy it, and see you in the next one!


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