Xperia Z2 in a Year

From the planning to the eventual buying of my phone took lots of time and research. I shared those thoughts in the previous article.

In this article, I touch on some of the tasks I have accomplished with the phone over the past 365 days.



Not much to do with a phone in a year, but was a great experience having fun with my Xperia Z2


Other miscellaneous tasks done with phone

  • The most battery intensive app ever used is Frozen.
  • Phone has played FIFA 14 and 15, asphalt 8, real racing 3, gt racing, spider man, Chess and many other games.
  • Have run Linux for Android before (thanks to Linux On Android guys).
  • Unlocked bootloader, rooted, and installed custom ROM (CyanogenMod)
  • Longest battery life recorded? 10 hours Screen On Time and a total of 17 Hours

I am happy to have the Xperia Z2. Its such a wonderful device. And my next phone will surely be a Sony Xperia Z series phone.

Such a great investment done there. I’m a happy Z2 user.

See pictures taken of the phone today, one year after I recieved it. As new as brand new!

Any Regrets?

Well, I would not classify that as regrets using the phone. I will rather say, ‘cons’ because I bought the phone for what it was, and its never failed even a minute.

The disadvantage of the Xperia Z2 I found happens to be its waterproof-ness. Being waterproof means its (almost) airtight. So, if airtight, what happens if the phone gets heated? Dissipating heat from the glass-enclosed device can be a very slow process, which makes using the phone in high temperatures impossible, as an internal device like the SD Card might get fried up (which happened to me, 64 Gig SD Card fried up one hot afternoon)

I think Sony Xperia Z2 has one of the strongest battery juice power on the market, even in 2015

And, the waterproof-ness isn’t a forever waterproof. Trust me, if the phone has fallen a couple of times, it is likely the phone has lost its ability to guide the internals from water. My phone is currently not waterproof. There exist no visible openings on the device, but the last time I tried washing the phone in water, an amount of water got into the phone, not through the flaps, which was a clear sign there’s likely a broken seal somewhere.

I am not afraid of water spills or someone pooring water on it, or it falling into a bucket of water for some few seconds. But I wouldn’t resist water entering if submerged in water for long.

That is what I have been up to with my phone. If you keep track of what you do with your phone, how’s your toy fairing? You enjoying it?

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