10 Days of Laravel 5 – Laravel Survey App Expectation

As we build our Laravel Survey App, we need to keep some expectations in mind. Here are the Laravel Survey App Expectations.

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I do not know of your process, but every app I try to build, I put on a drawing board first. That helps me stick to the plan, and although I am excited to revise initial thoughts and plans along the lines when building the app, I find having a basic goal in mind and on paper useful.

At least, that keeps me in check and helps me not lose track of what my final expectations should be about.

Of course, I have completed building the Laravel Survey App, and instead of sharing with you my sketches on paper, how about I share with you what the completed app looks like?

Depending on how good you are with your front-end framework ( I use MaterializeCSS ), it might be simpler for certain apps you build, to merely code away the front-end quickly.

That is what I did for the Khophi’s Laravel Survey App, and so, when it was time to build the app, I had one piece of task almost off the table.

Screenshots of the Survey App




Survey App in Action [Video]

Aren’t excited enough about the above screenshots? How about I share with you a short video of the Laravel Survey App in action within the browser!

The app is currently not hosted online, otherwise, I would have shared the link with you. Heck, that might happen someday.

Expectations in Writing

All you’ve seen above are extravagant displays and visuals of what the Survey App plans to be. However, in writing, what are we looking at?

  • User Authentication
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete Surveys
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete Questions
  • Create and Read answers to a survey
  • Fun

Notes to Reader

For Laravel newbies, I recommended following the 10 days of Laravel guide. The guide strives to cover as many concepts in Laravel and provides many useful tips in helping you get up and running with Laravel 5.

Instead of 10 separate articles, I’ve merged them together into a single post. You can therefore print the page if you wanna take the article with you. And the source code is up now.

Know a friend who wants to get started with Laravel, but on the right foot strong? Recommend this 10 Days of Laravel Guide.

I wish you follow along with the series and all the best in your up-and-running’ness of Laravel 5!

Begin the 10 Days of Laravel now!


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