Tech Leads Semester Web Programming Class at KTU

Join the Tech Leads Semester Web Programming Class at the Koforidua Technical University. We dive into building a real-world application using many web technologies including the all-too-common HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Weekly Articles 

  • 10 October – Week Class 1 – Plans for the Semester
  • 17 October – Week Class 2 – Designing our Front-end of the project
  • 24 October – Week Class 3 – Angular-fying our Web Project – Part 1
  • 31 October – Week Class 4 – Angular-fying our Web Project – Part 2
  • 7 November – Week Class 5 – Deploying our Web Project online
  • Sebsequent week programs will be added. Check back later.

The application that will be built shall be discussed on the first day of the class, which is on the 10th of October 2017.

Throughout the semester, each weekly class will focus on a section all aimed at completing the application at hand before the end of the semester.

The class will be taught with the principle of Learn By Doing in mind.

Participants will be treated to the future of Web applications, as we take a deep dive into how to make Progressive Web Applications. All the pieces that come together to make

In building the application, technologies, including but not limited to these would be explored:

Hands On

All the classes will involve hands-on practicals, therefore participants are encouraged to attend with their laptops in order to follow proceedings.

Who Can/Should Attend?

You don’t have to be a Computer Science or Computer Engineer Student to attend. We even encourage non-computer science/engineer students to join as the experience could open ways they can leverage the power of the web into their various field of studies.

You don’t have to be a boy to attend. In fact, we encourage more ladies to join, as the facilitator will be teaching each and every technology that comes into use from the basics. No one will be left out.

You MUST be willing to learn new things. The stress on this is crucial, since having a mere interest won’t be enough to carry you through. We’ll be learning new, and sometimes seemingly challenging concepts and technologies each week. Homeworks will be given so teams could work on them together.

Your willingness to learn is only what is required to carry you to the end of the application.

How Long?

Each week, the class is on Tuesday at 8:00 to 10:00 GMT.

What’s More?

Get in touch with the team behind the Tech Leads Semester Programming class at

On WhatsApp & Calls at +233 248559331 / +233 578559331

On Facebook at

And on Twitter: @techleadsgh


Rexford Nkansah will be the facilitator for this Tech Leads Semester Programming Class. You can learn more about Rexford and his works at

Rexford is a Senior Web Developer and a 3D artist.


If you’ll love to learn to build next-generation web applications, using the latest in technology, before you finish college, you’re welcome to join the Tech Leads Semester Programming Class.

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